How to create a group board on Pinterest

Confession: I have fallen in love with Pinterest. Serious love.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can tag and share almost any image you come across on the web. It’s driving crazy traffic to retail sites and some are calling it the next social commerce game changer. Marketers and business owners are quickly developing ideas on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to their own sites.

Some big brands like Whole Foods, Lowe’s and Southwest are have already set the bar high. These brands get it. They get that it’s a space to connect with their most engaged consumers and not just another platform to push every pretty picture of their products in front of anyone who’s looking.

Smaller organizations, even those that aren’t retail-based, have the opportunity to find their own success with Pinterest. One way is by giving fans a look inside their culture by creating group boards, shared by people within the company. Showing your brand’s personality on your boards lets fans connect with your brand creatively and share that experience with others.

There’s also opportunity for people to collaborate on Pinterest group boards outside of business. Planning a bachelorette party with the girls? Have a big family trip in the works? Get a board started and get to pinning.

Whether it’s for business or just for fun, here’s how to create a group board on Pinterest:

1. When viewing your boards, click “Edit”

Click "edit" under the board you'd like to share

2. Select the “Me + Contributors” option. Start typing the name of the person you’d like to add to your group. (Note: You have to be following the person you want to add as a collaborator.)

Add a PInterest contributor

3. Congrats! You’ve just added a team member. Now when your team member wants to add a pin to your new group pinboard, your board will show up in the list along with the boards they’ve already created.

A little group icon appears next to the group name to let you know that’s the group board and not yours. The icon looks like this:

Pinterest group image

How would you use a group board to collaborate with a team? Are you already using one? Have you found value in the group option?

Learn how to make a secret Pinterest board here.

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  • Leene

    Thanks for posting this. My friend did exactly that and created a group board for her wedding and added me as a contributor but her board doesn’t show up in my list. Is there something I need to do on my end to make this work?

  • natalie

    i would love the option to just have an “open” board when anyone who is following me (or following that board) could be a contributor without me having to add them…. just sayin :)

    • Chelsea Duran

      Hi Kim! Thanks for commenting. When you’re on that screen that you shared in your screencast, start typing the name of a friend of yours on Pinterest in the “Add another pinner” field. Their image should appear below the field. Click on their image and then click “add” to the right. Then you should get a message that an invite has been sent to that user. You have to be following the user you would like to add to your board.

      • Chelsea Duran

        Since I wrote this post, Pinterest has changed that screen and removed the “me + contributors” option. Now you just add people using that “add another pinner” field.

  • Sandra

    Hi Chelsea! A user just invited my company’s Pinterest to start pinning on his board and I was wondering what are the benefits to accepting the invitation?

    • Chelsea Duran

      Hi Sandra! That user could be trying to get your followers’ attention. By accepting the invitation, all of the followers of that board will see that your account is a collaborator. It could also attract some of that user’s followers to your boards. Depending on how many followers they have, it could improve your follower counts, if that’s something you’re working on.

  • patty mcginley

    Hi Chealsea I was just curious while on a group board, the likes and repins do not show up on my pin, and show up on the board creators. Is there any specific advantage to this? i may be using pinterest in a much larger way and just trying to figure things out! Sincerely and thank you :)

    • Chelsea Duran

      Hi Patty! Hope I’m understanding your question correctly. When you pin to a group board, it will show up that you pinned it (from your personal account). You have to be logged in as the account that owns the board for it to show up as a pin from that account.

  • marilyn

    Hi! This is interesting and I am in a group. But I want to leave it. It has grown so large that it is annoying when someone pins to it. I have contacted pinterest help and gotten the standard reply that they will answer within 24 hrs. That has been days ago. So, do you know how I can leave the group? It is so large my computer won’t even load all of it when I hit edit. Thanks!

    • Chelsea Duran

      Thanks for the comment Marilyn! When you’re on the main dashboard, click “edit” under the board you would like to leave. On the next screen, you should see a photo of yourself and your name with a little “x” to the right. Click the “x” to remove yourself. Hope that helps!

      • Joan

        Hello Chelsea,
        Thank you so much for doing this.
        I have the same problem – I would like to leave a group board which has grown so fast and is just overtaking my feed with pins.
        I also know how to leave a group board and already did so with one- or two group boards (exactly the way as you mentioned it, by clicking ‘edit’ board, clicking the ‘X’ and ‘remove’ button)- BUT I am still stuck with this board.
        When I click the ‘Remove’ button nothing happens. I tried it from different computers and used several different web browsers – but I am still a member of this group.
        I also emptied the cache of my browsers and tried to unfollow my other groups -but this time to no avail.
        Contacting Pinterest does not help either – they just send their generic emails, grrr.
        Do you have any idea what I could do?
        Any help is very much appreciated!
        Thank you so much for all your help!

  • Katsue

    Hi Chealsea, I tried to create a group board on “Add another pinner” but it shows “username not found”. Do you know what the problem is? Thanks for your help.

  • Diane abmat

    It seems as though a large number of pinners are repinning onto to their own group boards. This appears to be a stunt to run up their pin numbers and probably to repin popular pins of their own so others will repin them to gain followers. I think it spoils the fun and it keeps new pins from showing up as the screen is filled with these people rehashing the same things.

    • Chelsea Duran

      Thanks for your comment Diane. These days, we’re always going to get a group of folks who are participating just for the numbers. Users like you and I can spot them and choose to follow them or not. I agree though, it does spoil the fun. ;)

  • patty mcginley

    Chelsea, Just starting my first group board (in a minute I think…YIKES) and wanted to thank you for the tips and your generosity!

  • BitsyBet

    If you create a group board, and have an issue with some that are given the privilege to pin and are not pinning subject matter that pertains to that board, can you remove their privileges?

    • Chelsea Duran

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, you can remove their privileges. “Edit” the board you’re wanting to remove the person from. Under the list of people who can pin, click the “remove” button to the right of their name.

  • Sabrina

    Hi Chelsea! Just a question…if I accept a pinner’s invite to begin her “group board” contributor will my followers become follower of that group board authomatically?

    • Chelsea Duran

      Your followers will not become followers of their board automatically. However, they will see when you pin to that group board and may be more inclined to follow it if they see that you’re pinning to it.

  • Jeffery Johnson

    I am attempting to figure out how to pin to a group board. When I go to pin something all I am seeing is the boards I personally have created and not the few group boards I have joined/followed.

    • Chelsea Duran

      Hi Jeffery! I’d double check that you received an invitation to join the group boards. The email subject should say something like “You have been added to a group board on Pinterest.” You could also try uninviting and reinviting yourself to the group board.

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